Benefits for the students joined in Vidal NDT

  • Vidal is recognized for academic excellence & a transformative student experience; we are here to serve you & let you know the value of NDT program in the current industrial scenario.
  • Students can easily explore our training programs according to their career opportunities.
  • We proudly present our exclusive NDT course program where a student can learn the special techniques suitable for directly applying to actual T-K-Y weld joints on industrial field.
  • Intensive programs help the students to acquire in-depth study about interpretation of applicable codes related to the above mentioned joints.
  • Vidal serves high end recognized, role-specific competence for the candidates engaged in welding, joining, materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing, construction, operation or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery in our CSWIP program.
  • Benefits of CSWIP program are a candidate can assess & report on welds to acceptance levels & which helps the student to position himself as Welding Inspector in future aspects.
  • The most beneficial session to students is that after every theoretical concept trained in the class will have its own practical methodology in laboratory where a candidate acquires complete information on the methods.
  • Our priory towards the candidate is to focus mainly on mechanical industry applications in order to analyze the project.

  • NDT has wide range of opportunities in oil&gas, aerospace, piping & machinery inspections projects, so we prepare the candidate to adopt all the mechanical experience through our Vidal projects.
  • Vidal care for your career so we provide you an add-on for your career growth by providing Industrial visit certificates.
  • Vidal has wide range of network through colleges, we also conduct free seminars on every weekend to cognizance the engineers regarding Industrial programs.
  • We admire your efforts and value your contribution in internships, projects & Industrial visits, so we support you during this time with an attractive added advantage of providing you a certification of excellence in NDT, which will be a biggest add-on for engineering students.
  • The benefit of pre placement offer; As per your excellence in Industrial Internship a Pre-Placement offer is also provided where a company gives a placement opportunity to start your career with them.
  • We make you fit for industrial corridor where candidate can easily adopt every practical work.
  • Refinery Plants, Oil & Gas Plants, Power Plants, Production, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Steel Plants, Railways and Aviation are the main Industries where Vidal concentrates to subject the candidate for Industrial visits.
  • Top-notch programs of our institute help candidates to acquire the best quality industrial experience.
  • Vidal’s ensure the incredible Practical Training Experience with its extraordinary In-House Laboratory & Infrastructure where the student can develop a huge range of ideology towards the industrial practices.

So basically Vidal just develop an attitude in the students that they make themselves as self-determined, self-trained, fully accustomed with core industrial aspects & in built with practical knowledge.

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