Why Companies Prefer Recruiting Vidal NDT Students?

  1. As you know in Vidal vision statement we clearly mention that we are eminence grise in training, consulting, certification, and services by world class industry oriented training, empowerment programs, and customized services to the clients.
  2. Our mission is to transform the student into technically most reliable engineer who can endeavor in their careers in the present competitive world across various industries as per the standards by value based Industry oriented training.
  3. Vidal NDT has been developing successful relationships with thousands of talented professionals and companies, building a worldwide reputation for excellence and results.
  4. Our consultants are intelligent professionals with an exceptional understanding of the NDT and Quality industry.
  5. Vidal is working closely with clients, we learned about their industry & its growth & We mould the candidates to the company’s requirement.
  6. Vidal team understood what differentiates the company possess in a highly competitive marketplace of NDT and those learnings were used as teachings for Vidal NDT students where it helps them to know the global competitiveness regarding NDT.
  7. Vidal also identified that the company recruits only the best candidates for their specific staffing needs where he needs to be determined towards the core working aspects.
  8. Vidal interview every candidate to ensure a proper fit & offers the recruiters the most qualified professionals available to fill their industrial roles.
  9. Vidal evaluates the candidate based on the job description and desired skills & We prepare & source the specific individuals — targeted to the particular industrial cultural.
  10. We only place these preferred candidates through our Institute & some of our extensive database.
  11. In addition, Vidal continually attracts new candidates through our marketing efforts. We then carefully screen every candidate to ensure that we represent only the most qualified individuals.
  12. Vidal has worked hard to build a reputation for excellence that is unparalleled in the marketplace. That reputation continues to draw even more candidates to our Institute.
  13. To provide various Job opportunities to the students by transforming them into the most efficient engineers who can deal with the nondestructive testing in any manufacturing industries in India and abroad.
  14. We strive to deliver the most effective training possible, we are pride in being as our training is given by the most efficient & experienced trainers who are with the industry from several years.
  15. We want to be the best we can and offer an excellent service to our customers. We take great pleasure in going beyond our commitments and actively seek opportunities to excel at what we do.

Vidal clients concentrate exclusively on the NDT and Quality career field, giving them an insider’s view. We place professionals in the following fields:

  • NDT Level I Technicians
  • NDT Level II Technicians
  • NDT Level III Specialists
  • NDT Engineers
  • NDT Field Supervisors
  • NDT Managers
  • CWI Inspectors
  • API Inspectors
  • Quality Engineers
  • NDT Sales Professionals.

So as our students are more likely towards the above-determined concerns, most of the company’s prefer to recruit Vidal Ndtians than other institutes.

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