Best NDT Training Institute in Vijayawada – Non Destructive Testing Courses and Training

Vijayawada being a capital of Andhra Pradesh, It possesses an enormous amount of opportunities in the field of NDT. The NDT training institutes in Vijayawada were growing largely by providing fabulous support to the engineering students of new capital. VIDAL NDT institute in Vijayawada became a prominent institute of all NDT training institutes. As a matter of fact, NDT courses are highly coming up with new technologies & providing a good amount of output to the core engineering sectors. Literally, VIDAL NDT is playing a major chunk of all the Non-Destructive Testing training centers in Vijayawada. So far our training is Institute is well known for its placements record. Being in a budding stage as a start-up in Vijayawada, we placed around 130 students across the world till this span. It shows that the VIDAL NDT stands as a supreme training institute of all the NDT institutes in Vijayawada.

Vidal NDT is highly focused on student career growth in the core sectors, so we strive for knowledge on core engineering aspects to the students. Being only top-notch as a part of curriculum VIDAL NDT provides the student full-time Internship opportunity where students can explore all the core engineering features. Of all NDT training institute, students were highly attracted towards to us just because of the internship opportunities we provide them across the globe. VIDAL NDT always consider the students as their asset to bloom up the career of the student as well as the NDT training sector of the Vijayawada.

NDT training in India is growing rapidly but the standards they follow were not at all up to the mark whereas VIDAL NDT is the only Non-Destructive Testing training institute which follows European standards with ISO certification. Taking from the curriculum to the laboratory learnings we possess ethical learning aspects. We bestow the certification to the students which are authentically acceptable across the globe. VIDAL NDT can barely say that it’s the First Institute with “ANDROID APP” where it provides loads of information to the students regarding the placements & vacancies across the globe. No other NDT training centers has dared to launch an android app for the sake of students this shows how we care about the student career. Over all, being with VIDAL NDT is a worth a while where you can just make your dream come true for your Non Destructive Testing careers.

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