What After Mechanical Engineering – Non Destructive Testing Jobs

As we know that Mechanical Engineering program deals with the concepts of designing, manufacturing, and working of machines and equipment’s, components of machines and their design, concepts of physics etc. As an outcome, students will explore the subjects focusing on machines, such as- Theory of Machines, Dynamics of Machines etc.

  • Basically, students can opt for technical as well as diploma courses such as NDT, piping technology, safety technology, and management, CAD etc.
  • Graduates can also go for the traditional tech program and specialize in sub branches and disciplines within Mechanical Engineering field such as- Machine Design, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Control Systems, Industrial Drafting, Automobile Engineering and CAD etc.
  • Graduates who are interested in acquiring management skills may go for B.A. Degree after completing B.E./B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering program.

After B.E/B.Tech Choosing NDT Will be a Good Option for the Students?

Definitely opting NDT will be a good option for all the Mechanical engineers because the vast scope it covers the industrial sector is too huge.

  • A mechanical engineer is well suits to be an NDTian as compared to another branch of students due to the subjects they cover in the engineering will be an add-on for NDT course.
  • A true mechanical engineer strives for the core works because mechanical engineers are the one who is more determined than other engineers.
  • Basically, mechanical engineers do have more working capabilities & easily learning machinery skills in them so NDT is all about detecting flaws in mechanics so choosing NDT after mechanical engineering will make sense to his career.

Scope, Salary and Job Opportunities:

  • Mechanical Engineering is a core and evergreen branch of all time, every engineering college has its own ME branch as a core branch of science & Almost all core industries and manufacturing firms make use of machines.
  • Thus, for functioning and maintenance of machines, qualified Mechanical Engineers are needed. So apart from being ME graduate one can also add on their degree through the other core courses.
  • The point is there are huge intakes/job opportunities for B.E./B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering graduates in Government as well as Private When it comes to the Government sector, organizations and departments like- Indian Railways, DRDO, Indian Armed Forces, BHEL, PWD, NHAI, State Wise Road Transport boards etc recruits Mechanical Engineers.
  • In India, we will come across numerous batches of mechanical engineers from every engineering college but unlike others, a professional mechanical engineer will always find a way to be in a unique way where he will move on with his core courses.
  • Now-a-days software companies are just providing job offers for any of the engineering backgrounds, due to the requirement of workforce irrespective to the branches but a software engineer cannot do the same core/industrial work as with mechanical engineer whereas anybody can easily handle the job which a software employee can do.
  • That’s where the point lies everybody is not fit for mechanical works, a mechanical engineer who opts his career in NDT field will always be a kind of engineer where he can handle any sort of work with an optimum quality & service.

So, a clever mechanical engineer chooses to opt NDT as his career start up in order to get expertise in core field as well as where he can perform the work in most possible ways considering the measure of the quality of the work.

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